Q.1. What are the timings for filing fresh cases?

Answer: Fresh cases can be filed at the centralised filing counter between 10.00 o'clock to 15.00 o'clock on all working days of the High Court. If the last date of limitation is expiring on any working day then fresh cases can also be filed in the office of the Registrar General beyond 15.00 o'clock. In case, last date of limitation is expiring on a day when Court is closed, then it may be filed on the date when the Court re-opens (please refer the Limitation Act, 1963).

Q.2. What are the timings for filing Misc. Applications?

Answer: Misc. Applications may be filed at the centralised filing counter between 10.00 o'clock to 15.00 o'clock on all working days of the Court.

Q.3. What are the timings for reporting of fresh cases at the stamp reporter section?

Answer: Fresh cases are accepted for reporting at the stamp reporter section from 10.00 o' clock to 15.00 o'clock.

Q.4. The Stamp Reporter had reported a number of defects in my petition. Most of the defects have been removed, yet the fresh filing counter is not accepting it?

Answer: Fresh filing counter is not authorised to accept fresh cases unless all defects are removed. Kindly remove the defects and get the endorsement of the Stamp Reporter, or the Officer In-charge of Stamp Reporter Section that all defects have been removed. In case there is dispute whether the defects have been removed or not then obtain an endorsement from the stamp reporter for placing the matter before the Lawazima Court for decision on the dispute.

Q.5. How do I find out about the status of my case?

Answer: Tentative status of a case may be obtained from the computerised information counter/KIOSK. However, authentic information can only be gathered by moving an application in the filing counter. The tentative information will soon be available on the Website also.

Q.6. How do I find out whether my case is listed in the Cause List?

Answer: This can be ascertained from the hard copy of the cause list or the cause list published on the Web-Site.

Q.7. I got information from the computerised information centre that my case is likely to be listed on a particular date, but it is not listed on that date. What is the reason for the same?

Answer: The future listing dates are only tentative. The date is confirmed only when cause list for that date is finally printed or published on the Web-Site.

Q.8. How do I get Certified Copy of a Judgement and Order ?

Answer: A prescribed form is available in the copying section on payment of Rs. 1 which is required to be filled up by the applicant and to be submitted in the copying Section of this Registry alongwith Rs. 100/- as Fee. The Copying Section will then prepare an estimate and the estimated amount is to be deposited as Court Fee by the applicant.

Q.9. How do I find out whether certified copy applied for in my case is ready or not?

Answer: Certified copies are prepared and issued by the Copying Section. You should also ascertain whether folio filed by you is defective or not. In case of any problem, the concerned Dy. Registrar/ Joint Registrar may be contacted. In future, such information will also be published on the Website. Uncertified copy of the judgments may be printed directly from the Website.

Q.10. How can I inspect a Judicial Record?

Answer: A prescribed inspection slip is available in the Bar and the applicant after duly filling it up shall submit in the Filling Counter fixing Stamp duty of Rs.3/- . The slip is then sent to the concerned section and a date is fixed for inspection of the record.

Q.11. What is CIS?

Answer: CIS or Case Information System is specially designed application database software for the Indian Courts which enables the user to maintain the court records like orders, Judgments and preparation of Cause-list and other proceedings. It also supports online information for the citizen services.

Q.12. Whether I can download Orders and Judgements from the website?

Answer: Yes, the website is so designed that anyone can easily search any valid case and can download the orders and judgements in .PDF format.

Q.13. Whether I can contact the High Court by sending email?

Answer: Yes, anyone can contact the High Court through email as cited under the tab "Contact Us" for general information only; but it is not necessary that the Registry should respond in every case.

Q.14. Where a member of the Schedule Caste or Schedule Tribe or a woman or a child or victim of Human trafficking or natural calamity can get legal aid?

Answer: High Court Legal Services Committee provides free legal aid, advice and services to such people. The Legal Services includes appointment of counsel to file or defend case for such people. The committee also bears all expenses incurred in filing or defending the case (Section 12 of Legal Services Authority Act 1987 may be referred).